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Whys Solutions, L.L.C.
Mednick joins forces with Michael Barton to form Whys Solutions, L.L.C. Read more


A local government leader

Mr. Mednick understands the service needs of local government having served the City of New Haven as an Alderman for ten years (serving as the Chair of the Finance committee for six and as President Pro tempore for four years); Corporation Counsel (chief city attorney) for almost three years and a Commissioner of the Housing Authority for nine years. He served the National League of Cities as Vice Chair of the Human Development Steering Committee and Chair of the International Economic Development Task Force. As counsel for the Cities of Hartford, New Britain and Waterbury Mednick has drafted three major charter revisions bringing the governance of those three cities into the 21st Century.

Diverse Professional Skill-set

Steve Mednick has developed a niche practice in the field of law and government. In representing municipal and private clients Mednick may be negotiating a multi-million dollar technology transaction one month and prosecuting a construction delay claim before and arbitrator the next. Mednick has re-written procurement standards, civil service regulations and ethics laws for many municipalities and has argued major cases before the State Supreme Court on home rule and governmental powers. As President of the IJIS Institute Mednick has been a leader in the collaboration of government and private industry in the development of new standards in the IT world, particularly in the world of integrated justice.

Practical Project Management Approach to Government Business

With his colleague Michael Barton, Mednick has formed Whys Solutions LLC to find ways to take their technology and government experience to governments through out the United States in order to implement Project Management principles in all facets of government from the issuance of RFPS, to the implementation of projects. Mednick’s strategic advice to local governments is to break the mold, accept ownership of a cause and advocate the issue until the project is implemented in the field.

National Leader in Public Safety Technology

A nationally-recognized leader in the world of Public Safety and Integrated Justice, Mr. Mednick was a charter member and has been President of the IJIS Institute for the past three years and a member of the Board of Directors for five years. In this role Mednick has become a national leader on issues pertaining to county and municipal technology procurement protocols for the implementation of Integrated Justice Information Systems. Mednick has been part of an IJIS team which taught undergraduate and graduate level courses for Program Managers of Integrated Justice Information Systems; a leader in the development of a Pre-RFP Toolkit (a planning tool for state an, county and local officials developing information sharing initiatives) and recently gave a keynote speech in Los Angeles on “Emerging Information Sharing Technology” focusing on initiatives emanating from the Departments of Justice, Homeland Security and Transportation.

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