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Whys Solutions, L.L.C.
Mednick joins forces with Michael Barton to form Whys Solutions, L.L.C. Read more


About WhysSolutions

WhysSolutions, LLC is a Connecticut-based consulting firm which focuses on adding value to government entities through the use of small, high impact, focused teams of professionals. A WhysSolutions team will work side-by-side with the client rather than directing them from afar. The objective is to structure the best deal possible while, simultaneously, transferring knowledge; thereby enabling an agency to become less reliant on outside help on future projects.

WhysSolutions was founded by a management consultant and lawyer both of whom have worked with government organizations as members of various agency or executive branch management teams. In these roles Michael P. Barton and Steven G. Mednick have been called on to bring their distinctive skill sets, experience, leadership, and determination to the government-side of a transaction. Their role as objective members of the government team has consistently cut through the difficult territorial and jurisdictional disputes that undermine substantial public projects. WhysSolutions bring to the table a unique blend of business, governmental and political experience, which has often successfully bridged the gap between government organizations and the private sector vendors trying to satisfy those governments’ needs.

The individual practices of Barton and Mednick have nearly exclusively represented government entities. WhysSolutions will continue this focus while, at the same time offer its services as sub-contractors to larger consulting and law firms pursuing government engagements.

The founders of WhysSolutions have been involved in some of the largest and most complex procurement transactions attempted by the State of Connecticut. They have developed a number of RFPs and contracts that have been used as models for other agencies. The thorough approach and ability to view projects from not only a macro level, but to understand the longer term consequences of a particular direction or series of direction through scenario planning is one of the features of the WhysSolutions approach. As well as participating in similar projects in other states, Mednick and Barton have advised numerous government clients on issues including, but not limited to, procurement reform, contract negotiation, strategic outsourcing, business strategy, cost reduction and efficiency.

With an excess of fifty years of professional, business, political and government experience between the two, the time was right to create this formal entity, in an effort to serve their clients more effectively.

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